My Journey so far

When friends, students, working colleagues, and family ask me about my ‘thesis’, I explain that this degree is more than writing a piece of paper. It is rather a long term project where you monitor your progress. It mentally challenges you. People also ask me why I took the decision to do this. Reasons are various. And mine is, in the first place, self-realization. Have a look at my milestones:

  • currently: Writing the Research Proposal to be handed in soon
  • 07.2017: The topic Outline (Research Outline) got approved from the University
  • 03.2017: Finally found a topic I am interested in, and is viable for the programme
  • 08.2016-02.2017: Reading, reading, reading…. Journals
  • 08.2016: Passed exams :-))
  • 06.2016: Exams
  • 01.-05.2016: Selfstudy of all 3 Introduction to Business Research Courses (IBR) CourseText IBR ICourseText IBR IICourseText IBR III
  • 12.2015: Application for the DBA at Edinburgh Business School (







My Journey so far

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