You have decided to follow my Research Journey, and share your thoughts, concerns, frustrations, success stories, mood, and good vibes. Let’s go this path together, and let me support you to optimize your day, to tackle your goals, and to be happier. Sounds like a promise? I can (hopefully) inspire you to take imperfect action to reach your goal. Which is your degree in a DBA or PhD (or MBA and any other challenges). You have learned that goals are meaningless without any planning. Planning your day and prioritizing your tasks, are just two principles of others. And as there will be many days where we ‘out’-perform, there will be other days where we feel fatigue, less energized, and have negative thoughts. We will learn to focus on our small ‘wins’ every single day that will result in payoffs. It’s about creating (new) habits. Are you ready to set some new routines?

Stay focused.


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