While staying focused

It’s been a while (too long), and I am stocked to share my experiences with you… I have been hiding myself behind the virtual library (https://www.swissuniversities.ch/en/services/e-resources-cas/resources-by-subject-area/business-management-and-services/), especially in the Business Source Premier database. The paper stack is impressive; I have collected over 90 journals within the last few weeks for my Research Proposal. And this only presents the tip of the iceberg. In order to develop a first theoretical understanding of the literature, the following drivers of market positioning as part of a redefined business model in the face of digitalisation need to be understood:

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Business Models
  • Digitalisation
  • Market Positioning

By scanning the Abstract of each journal, you gain a first impression if the content fits your overall topic.

Let’s reflect on the ‘process’ so far. Taking as springboard the main research question ‘What are the drivers and approaches of a redefined market positioning of Swiss SME companies in the service industry in times of digitalisation?’, I browse one of the 5 mentioned topics at a time, screen the Abstract, and safe those journals on my laptop that need further to be examined.

Saving the article after the name of the author within a topic folder will help you find the respective journal easier, when writing up your chapter of the literature review.

The hard work starts now, where you start to challenge what you have read and/or extend the authors thinking with your own new insights. When reading each journal, ask:

  • What are the major issues in this session’s discussed?
  • What are the contributions, if any, of a given article to the literature?
  • What core claims and assumptions are being made in the article?
  • How does it fit with other works you have read?
  • Are the theory, methodologies and models presented appropriate?
  • Are the links between the arguments and the evidence strong? Appropriate?
  • What criticisms of the readings are warranted?

To top it off, prepare two discussion questions based on the reading of each journal (cf. chapters like future research directions). A suitable methodical tool for this is Excel.

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The study of the relevant literature is time-consuming, and in the same time a constant work that goes beyond the designated phase. Above all since it is a current, not fully explored, and zeitgeisty topic.

Which methods of managing time effectively and productively with your literature research and study have you developed?

Happy to exchange experiences.

While staying focused