Be a step ahead others

I will not say ‘always’ be a step ahead others in this context, since we want to remain realistic. Always means absolutely, and if you think about it, we do also fail. Whereas at the other days we succeed. So it was today. Again, kicking off my week on Sundays – were everyone else enjoys the weekend – I rather start the day [before] with a workout at the gym. It is a satisfying experience, when you are one step ahead… When you approach the day from a positive place, you expect good things to happen, which makes it more likely that you will achieve your [daily] goals.

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I have to admit, that work for my research were left undone the last few weeks. Due to some planned absences, new tasks, and ongoing projects I had to temporary shift priorities. As you might have noticed, positivity doesn’t always flow easily. You may have other fish to fry or just got up on the wrong side of bed. You have the choice to turn negativity into positivity (listening to some upbeat music while my workout helped me today). We always have choices. And I choose to seize the day to follow-up a few E-Mails, to send some requests and statements, and to clear my mail inbox. In my work I have taken the habits to have a maximum of 7 (seven) E-Mails in the inbox window at the end of every day. To be more precise, who wants to create and chase pending issues? Since the age of 25 I acquired to accomplish things as quickly as possible. If you receive an inquiry that you can answer within 2 minutes, do it immediately. If your co-workers, employees or others ask for your advice, quickly reply the question. If it is an E-Mail, your answer should fit in 3 sentences and not any longer. Should your answer be more extensive, pick up the phone and make a call. Now I am prepared to tackle the next 7 days, whereas 2 of them are dedicated to my research.

Stay humble.

Be a step ahead others

While staying focused

It’s been a while (too long), and I am stocked to share my experiences with you… I have been hiding myself behind the virtual library (, especially in the Business Source Premier database. The paper stack is impressive; I have collected over 90 journals within the last few weeks for my Research Proposal. And this only presents the tip of the iceberg. In order to develop a first theoretical understanding of the literature, the following drivers of market positioning as part of a redefined business model in the face of digitalisation need to be understood:

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Business Models
  • Digitalisation
  • Market Positioning

By scanning the Abstract of each journal, you gain a first impression if the content fits your overall topic.

Let’s reflect on the ‘process’ so far. Taking as springboard the main research question ‘What are the drivers and approaches of a redefined market positioning of Swiss SME companies in the service industry in times of digitalisation?’, I browse one of the 5 mentioned topics at a time, screen the Abstract, and safe those journals on my laptop that need further to be examined.

Saving the article after the name of the author within a topic folder will help you find the respective journal easier, when writing up your chapter of the literature review.

The hard work starts now, where you start to challenge what you have read and/or extend the authors thinking with your own new insights. When reading each journal, ask:

  • What are the major issues in this session’s discussed?
  • What are the contributions, if any, of a given article to the literature?
  • What core claims and assumptions are being made in the article?
  • How does it fit with other works you have read?
  • Are the theory, methodologies and models presented appropriate?
  • Are the links between the arguments and the evidence strong? Appropriate?
  • What criticisms of the readings are warranted?

To top it off, prepare two discussion questions based on the reading of each journal (cf. chapters like future research directions). A suitable methodical tool for this is Excel.

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The study of the relevant literature is time-consuming, and in the same time a constant work that goes beyond the designated phase. Above all since it is a current, not fully explored, and zeitgeisty topic.

Which methods of managing time effectively and productively with your literature research and study have you developed?

Happy to exchange experiences.

While staying focused

Daily Routine

“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.”
– John C. Maxwell –

A few years ago I got inspired from the mentality and lifestyle of the people in Tel Aviv. They truly live for the moment, and do their very best every single day. 365 days a year. Beside this, their week starts on Sundays. Not only I have adopted my attitude to life, but also changed the view from my Calendar showing the days from Sunday to Saturday. This was a first step towards a proactive, forward-thinking, and prioritizing week. I was ahead of others. Setting weekly goals, and clear and measurable actions helped me to achieve my end results. By planning my goals ahead of time and taking actionable daily steps, I arrive(d) where I need(ed) to be. Focus on 3-months rather than yearlong goals. Breaking down long-term goals into manageable work packages is motivating. You can monitor your accomplishments, performance, and can take immediate action if necessary. Create your own 3-months roadmap by writing down your result goal you want to achieve in the next three months. Based on that, what do you need to do on a day-to-day basis to ensure you are hitting your performance goals you have set?

Until next time.

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Daily Routine

My Journey so far

When friends, students, working colleagues, and family ask me about my ‘thesis’, I explain that this degree is more than writing a piece of paper. It is rather a long term project where you monitor your progress. It mentally challenges you. People also ask me why I took the decision to do this. Reasons are various. And mine is, in the first place, self-realization. Have a look at my milestones:

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My Journey so far


You have decided to follow my Research Journey, and share your thoughts, concerns, frustrations, success stories, mood, and good vibes. Let’s go this path together, and let me support you to optimize your day, to tackle your goals, and to be happier. Sounds like a promise? I can (hopefully) inspire you to take imperfect action to reach your goal. Which is your degree in a DBA or PhD (or MBA and any other challenges). You have learned that goals are meaningless without any planning. Planning your day and prioritizing your tasks, are just two principles of others. And as there will be many days where we ‘out’-perform, there will be other days where we feel fatigue, less energized, and have negative thoughts. We will learn to focus on our small ‘wins’ every single day that will result in payoffs. It’s about creating (new) habits. Are you ready to set some new routines?

Stay focused.