Be a step ahead others

I will not say ‘always’ be a step ahead others in this context, since we want to remain realistic. Always means absolutely, and if you think about it, we do also fail. Whereas at the other days we succeed. So it was today. Again, kicking off my week on Sundays – were everyone else enjoys the weekend – I rather start the day [before] with a workout at the gym. It is a satisfying experience, when you are one step ahead… When you approach the day from a positive place, you expect good things to happen, which makes it more likely that you will achieve your [daily] goals.

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I have to admit, that work for my research were left undone the last few weeks. Due to some planned absences, new tasks, and ongoing projects I had to temporary shift priorities. As you might have noticed, positivity doesn’t always flow easily. You may have other fish to fry or just got up on the wrong side of bed. You have the choice to turn negativity into positivity (listening to some upbeat music while my workout helped me today). We always have choices. And I choose to seize the day to follow-up a few E-Mails, to send some requests and statements, and to clear my mail inbox. In my work I have taken the habits to have a maximum of 7 (seven) E-Mails in the inbox window at the end of every day. To be more precise, who wants to create and chase pending issues? Since the age of 25 I acquired to accomplish things as quickly as possible. If you receive an inquiry that you can answer within 2 minutes, do it immediately. If your co-workers, employees or others ask for your advice, quickly reply the question. If it is an E-Mail, your answer should fit in 3 sentences and not any longer. Should your answer be more extensive, pick up the phone and make a call. Now I am prepared to tackle the next 7 days, whereas 2 of them are dedicated to my research.

Stay humble.

Be a step ahead others

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